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I believe in being a little messy, in life and certainly when sewing.

I thought you would get a kick out of the back of my test block before sewing the final seam.

Wouldn’t it be horrifying if people could see the back side of our quilt tops when they see our quilts? Maybe all quilters have a little “Sew Messy” inside them and their quilts!


This thread catcher is so simple to make and very useful. I’ve used it so much, that I made 2 more so I could have 1 on my ironing board and another on my cutting table.


I took a dollar store vase and an old wrist pin cushion from junior high home ec class. I removed the plastic wrist band and threaded a ribbon through the back of the pin cushion. I wrapped the ribbon around the narrowest part of the vase and tied a big bow in the back of the vase, like this.


I also like to put scissors, a rotary cutter, pen or pencil inside so I have a place for everything I need. It’s easy to lift out the other items when it’s time to dump those threads and trimmings. I keep the trimmings and need to know, WHAT TO DO WITH THE TRIMMINGS?? They are too pretty to throw away.


Now it’s back to the dollar store to get another vase so I can have a thread catcher vase by my recliner, where I do my handsewing.

Let me know what you think of this idea!

If nothing else, it beats the sad, saggy sack of yester year. Here’s a picture I pulled off the internet. Gee, I thought there was a requirement that all thread catchers be made of cat fabric. 🙂