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Carol Van Zandt is an amazing designer I’ve had the pleasure of knowing recently. She designs gorgeous fabric, which is how I came to make her acquaintance, and also licenses her artwork for cell phone covers and other products. You can read more about Carol on her website: Carol Van Zandt

She gave me some samples from her recent fabric collections for Andover Fabrics. The gorgeous subtle blue, cream and taupe fabric used on this fabric canister is from her Tokyo Rococo collection for Andover Fabrics.


Carol only had a small piece of this particular fabric to share, less than a fat quarter, so I paired it with a soft, touchable linen/cotton blend fabric. I cut the selvage off the linen, then decided I liked the fringed selvage and added it back onto the inner pocket.


I also added a few glass beads as a counterpoint to the earthy linen.


Carol has a gorgeous collection of paint brushes in her studios. Perhaps she can put a few brushes in this fabric canister since this is her holiday gift from me. Thanks, Carol, for your generous spirit and creative inspiration.


Moonshine Serenade

I made this quilt top as a tester for The Quilt Pattern Magazine (TQPM). The pattern is in their May issue, if you’re interested. I chose a fabric that has an hombre effect for the sky. For the lake, I overlayed a silver mesh that I had laying around from a holiday idea that never came to fruition. The purple border fabric has a sparkle to it so I added a narrow black flange to keep the overall look from being too sticky sweet.

Quilts for Boston fabric

This is the fabric I will use for Quilts for Boston blocks. The Boston Modern Quilt Guild is making quilts for the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. Anyone can make a block and send it to the guild. Please submit blocks by May 24th. For more information, click on my fabric photo or go to:


I believe in being a little messy, in life and certainly when sewing.

I thought you would get a kick out of the back of my test block before sewing the final seam.

Wouldn’t it be horrifying if people could see the back side of our quilt tops when they see our quilts? Maybe all quilters have a little “Sew Messy” inside them and their quilts!

I just came across a bunch of extra half square triangles from a quilt I made a few years ago. Here is a picture of the quilt I made.


My friend Linda and I were at a quilt shop and saw a similar hanging in the store. We were both excited about the quilt’s graphic quality and wanted to make it. Well, we were told that this was only offered in a class for children :)! Well we decided that, even though we weren’t good enough to sign up for the class, we could probably figure it out for ourselves. I am so sorry that I do not know what the designer/teacher’s name is or I would be happy to give her credit. 

So I was trying to figure out how to make a larger version of this, using the leftover fabrics when I came across my new best friend, Esther’s blog.

Esther has some amazing designs. Her zigzag quilt would be a great way to use up my HSTs. She has a zillion fresh new ideas, so check her out!!







Jack Russell update

I haven’t posted a picture of Jackie since she was a puppy 1 year ago. Well, here is that cute little Jack Russell Terrier. When we saw Jackie last summer, she was helping me edit a manuscript. Today, as you can see, she is helping me sew some quilt blocks. Jackie always loves to hop up in the middle of whatever I’m doing, she’s such a helper. Soon (hopefully) I will post a picture of this quilt top!


Here is a sweet picture of my niece Sara and her darling baby, Makenna Rylee. Isn’t that a fabulous name and isn’t she absolutely adorable? Every picture I’ve seen of her is beautiful, even those from the day she was born. She’s a stunner in person, too, and oh so tiny. Welcome to the big, wonderful world Makenna-girl.Your new quilt is almost done – more pix to come. Love, your Aunt Roon (Ann).