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This is a wonderful reminder about the role each of us plays in each other’s lives. It’s from Frank Allocco, legendary basketball coach at DeLaSalle High School. Coach Allocco has been an amazing friend and mentor to my son.

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How to be a Great Teammate



Well last night was Shane’s last high school basketball game. Is there life after youth sports? He will play either football or basketball somewhere in college, but I won’t be able to watch every game.

Does anyone have any advice as to how to fill that void? I am so busy that some free time is welcome and my younger son is only 12, but it won’t be the same.


We just found out yesterday (Sunday) that Shane is going to play during the spring and summer for the Bay Area Hoosiers basketball team.  It’s a high school age basketball team that will play in the coming months in Los Angeles, Oakland, Las Vegas and  Phoenix.

To my surprise, the team is sponsored by Adidas, so the cost to our family is minimal.  Wow, what a delightful twist and so well deserved for Shane.  The coach said he really likes how hard Shane plays. We’ll keep you posted as the season begins.  In the meantime, “Congrats” to the kid, “Well played!”.