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Midnight in the City quilt.


Here’s a little project that is a “work in progress”. I guess I shouldn’t just wait to post pictures of finished quilt projects, no one else does on their blogs!

This little wallhanging started with a piece of muslin I painted in Lynn Koolish’s fabric painting class a year ago. The painted fabric reminded me of a wheat field at sunrise, so I’ve had fun embellishing it madly.

My dear husband says it looks like a dessert with the Statue of Liberty standing behind it and he does have a point :). So I’ll have to do something with the beaded sun rays to fix that. What do you think. You can see I haven’t finished stitching the wheat fields/dessert. I should give a shout out to Laura Wasilowski and Artfabrik for the great hand-dyed pearl cotton threads I used – gorgeous!

I think I’ll make a wooden frame to stretch it on. I’ve never done that before, but it sounds kinda cool.

This is fun, just taking it one step at a time and letting the project go wherever it wants to go. ImageImage

Here’s a little painted, hand quilted, embroidered, beaded little ditty that I just love.  I painted the fabric in a class taught by the wonderful Lynn Kolish last fall and turned it into a small landscape quilt.  Lynn is so wonderfully encouraging. I know it’s not the Mona Lisa, but it’s my art and I love the colors, the stitching and the beads. Enjoy!